Arizona VFW District 10

Serving central Arizona

Janie Miller For National Chaplain 2015-16


Janie Miller Seeks Position as
National Chaplain
Janie Miller officially announced in 2013 in Louisville that she is a candidate for the VFW West-ern Conference’s nomination for National Chaplain in 2015-16. Also seeking the same position is Tom Darling from Washington.
During her many years serving the VFW in Arizona as All-American District Commander in 2008-09, as State Chaplain since 2010, and as Chaplain of the Western Conference since 2012, Janie has gathered the knowledge necessary and the support of numerous National officers, past and present, that will enable her serve the VFW into the future at the National level.

There is no campaign committee but donations are being accepted to help with travel expenses. If you would like to support her and make a donation, please feel free to do so. Make checks out to “VFW Dept. of AZ” and note on the check “Janie’s Campaign”. Mail to: VFW Dept. of AZ ● 6907 E. Thomas Rd. ● Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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